Daughters of the Dawn. Lovebites. Artwork

1. Case Study

Creación del artwork para el directo en Tokyo "Daughters of the Dawn" de la banda Lovebites.

2. Result

The artwork of "DAUGHTERS OF THE DAWN-LIVE IN TOKYO 2019", featuring live works of Tokyo's Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka on January 27 this year, has been released.This artwork is drawn on the roof of a huge modern building with an altar with an old-fashioned Japanese tower, depicting the "big city" Tokyo where modern and past are mixed.There are also five members standing by the altar, expressed in the back is a sun-like fireball floating, representing Dawn. With a glare in their eyes a 5 headed count of wolves also said to be understood as incarnation of the members.

3. Experience

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Client: Lovebites


Online: www.lovebites.sliptrickrecords.com

Illustrated by Spanish philosopher David Lopez Gomez and partner Carlos Vicente Leon, who also design works for HELLOWEEN as before.

This work, with its impressive artwork, is a complete recording of the Akasaka performance with 19 cameras. The voice of the opening narration that flowed into the venue on the day of the live, Mikee Goodman, is vocalist of the UK progressive metal band SikTh. Supporting the Lovebites With his deep voice doing the narration work, the atmosphere of the live is even more rigorous.
The live sound source was finished by Finnvox Studios, Finland's higly respected Finnvox Studios. The golden team consisting of talented engineers Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila who worked on the creations such as NIGHTWISH and CHILDREN OF BODOM.
Blu-ray and DVD also contain bonus content that gives you a feel and introduction of the equipment used by the members themselves in the tour. You can also learn about the details of equipment that you can not usually see. Furthermore, commentary can be included in the live event. Using voice switching. This can become a specified reminiscence talk you can enjoy by the members while watching their live.

Title: DAUGHTERS OF THE DAWN-LIVE IN TOKYO 2019 / Daughters of the Dawn-Live in Tokyo 2019

Release date: July 10, 2019 (Wed)

Form (price / part number):
Blu-ray (¥ 5,500 + tax / VIXL-273)
DVD (¥ 4,700 + tax / VIBL-946)
2CD (¥ 3,500 + tax / VICL-65213-4)

※ AAS lamination pass (replica) of "CLOCKWORK IMMORTALITY TOUR" is enclosed only for the first production of Blu-ray / DVD.
※ Special sticker only for the first production of 2CD.

Track list (※ CD version includes the following 19 tracks divided into 2 CDs)

1. Clockwork Immortality (Intro)
2. Addicted
3. Bravehearted
4. The Crusade
5. Pledge Of The Saviour
6. Rising
7. Scream For Me
8. Break The Wall
9. Shadowmaker
10. Above The Black Sea
11. Empty Daydream
12. M.D.O.
13. Journey To The Otherside
14. Edge Of The World
15. We The United
16. Epilogue
17. Do n’t Bite The Dust
18. Under The Red Sky
19. The Everlasting (Outro).