1. Case Study

Creación de la portada para el segundo album "Clockwork Inmortality" que la banda Lovebites.

2. Result

For a longevity, today humankind has nutraceuticals or healthy foods and does yoga or running. It is really good things, and an average life of modern extended in the world.
But, there is no "immortality" even if they make an effort for their longevity.
A clock will stop someday even if it is wound the mainspring very tightly.
Regardless of the length of life, most important thing to live every moment fully.

3. Experience

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Client: Lovebites


Online: www.lovebites.sliptrickrecords.com

Lovebites will unleash the sophomore full-length album called 'Clockwork Immortality' on December 5, 2018!!

It has mighty newly recorded 10 songs. We also release very limited editions including live Blu-ray/DVD 'Battle In The East' that was recorded in Tokyo, June 28 this year.