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Helloween was formed in Germany in 1984. The band was considered a pioneer for the metal genre with its albums "The Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I" and "The Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II". While the group transitioned through 12 different musicians over time, the current lineup of Sascha Gerstner, Michael Weikath, Andi Deris, Daniel Löble and Markus Grosskopf has been the same since 2005.

Helloween's first EP, which was self-titled and was released in 1985 when the band had only three members. The group then became a quintet for the releases of both Seven Keys albums in the late 1980s. After a lineup change (Michael Kiske & Kai Hansen left the band), Helloween became a respected metal band in the '90s with the albums "Master of the Rings" (1994), "The Time of the Oath" (1996), "Better Than Raw" (1998) and "The Dark Ride" (2000). Under its current lineup, Helloween has found acclaim for the albums "Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy" (2005), "Gambling with the Devil" (2007), "7 Sinners" (2010), "Straight Out of Hell" (2013) and "My God Given Right" (2015).

Overall, the band has sold over five million records around the world from three EPs, 18 albums and 28 singles.

For thirty years, Helloween has been delighting its fans with fantastic riffs, great songs, and haunting melodies — three decades of a global career they officially celebrated with the "Hellbook" in 2015. This is when the idea for "Pumpkins United" was born. It was announced on November 14, 2016 that both original members Michel Kiske  and Kai Hansen would be joining the current members for a concert world-tour reunion "Pumpkins United"

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